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All About Me

Hello, I'm Lauree. Thats my little family above... My Husband, Joe and my twins; Aidan and Audree. I became an unemployed mom shortly after the twins were born. So until I find a job that pays enough to pay for daycare; I'm a stay at home mom. My Family Blog

If you don't know me outside of the blog/internet world, let me fill you in... I've always LOVED to entertain. Any social activity with food, drinks and decor has a place in my heart. A few years ago I taught myself how to make and decorate cakes... I ran a small side business for a year or two but my job and life didn't really leave time for cake business. Now that I'm home a lot, ok all the time... I find myself needing a creative outlet. The twins keep me busy but being a stay at home mom does leave you with the urge to do something else. I think its a way to stay sane. 

This is my blog to express my life as a blogging, crafting, cooking, mom of twins.  

Want to know more? Here are some random facts about me:

* I have two tattoos; flowers and stars (shocking I know)... and will soon get another for the twins

* I knew I was having twins before we confirmed via ultrasound; a dream and a "feeling"

* A best friend and I got pregnant within a week of each other... just like we planned... She now thinkings I'm a witch :) (in a good way)

* I have grand ideas of organization, but most who know me would say I'm not a tiddy or an organized person 

* My crafting and planning sometimes drive my husband crazy

* I met my husband right after I turned 20, but I often tell people thats WAY to young to settle down.... (I just got lucky I guess)

* I can't live without my morning coffee and creamer, no creamer=no coffee-> One UNHAPPY MAMA

* I actually cook more than I craft, but I'm a horrible recipe follower/writer... I don't measure anything and if I told you what I made (almost always d-lish) it would be some of this + some of that+ throw in this.. etc. 

* I'm counting the days until I can sleep in until 11AM again...

Still want to know more? Email me at lauree(dot)hawes09atGmail(dot)com.

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