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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick Craft [Firecracker Decor]

Firecracker Decor
I've been buying crafting goodies from Pick Your Plum for only a couple of months now but I have to say I'm hooked! They have the cutest stuff at really great prices. No I'm not paid to say that; I just really like them... anyway I saw this Firecracker set from them about a month ago and knew I could make something cute with it. At the time I didn't have an exact plan, then two weeks ago they had patriotic Washi Tape and it all came together!

I just love the way this came out, here's how I did it...

Materials: [I bought the firecracker set from PYP but you can get the same materials at a hobby store]
"firecrackers" which is 3 pieces of balsa wood 3 different sizes
Wooden Star
Washi Tape
X-acto knife
Mod Podge
White paint [I used spray paint]

First step is to spray paint the wood white, so your Washi Tape shows up better.

Firecracker Decor

Next, get creative with your Washi Tape and X-acto knife. I did all four sides in different patterns...

Firecracker Decor

After all sides are taped, apply Mod Podge. I found that the Washi Tape doesn't stick to the wood very well and I want these to last so Mod Podge fixes any lifting/peeling issues.

Firecracker Decor

The finished look!

Firecracker Decor

Here are all four sides to my firecrackers:

Firecracker Decor
The Traditional Flag

Firecracker Decor
A modern Red, White & Blue

Firecracker Decor
a Funky Flag

Firecracker Decor
Matching Fireworks

Firecracker Decor


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    1. Thank you Ginger for the feature! :)