" All About the Details: Party [Super Mario Brothers 30th Birthday]

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Party [Super Mario Brothers 30th Birthday]

I helped a friend throw her boyfriend a surprise 30th birthday party. He's a fan of the classic video games, he even has 2 NES consoles!

So naturally she picked the original Super Mario Brothers for a theme.

It was a lot of work but a lot of fun.... and now All About the Details:

The main sweets spread!

I made the graphics for the 8 bit classic Mario blocks & Coins for his birthday banner.

On the table we have the cake, red hots, skittles, chocolate mustaches, chocolate cake pops, pretzel rods and assorted Mario themed candies.

I made the cake [here's the recipe] with Mario, Luigi & Princess Peach exploding out of the console! I just love making this cake. Lots of details but so worth it.

With the cake scraps [see this post] I made little Bomb Cake Pops [called Bob-ombs]. I'm excited about cake pops now, I can't wait to make more... 

I made these Piranha Plant centerpieces to give the food table more of a Mario feel. I also created those food labels.

I've posted a tutorial about these centerpieces so you can make your own :)

Look at this radishes! Aren't they just so darn cute? My friends nephew made those.  I'm filing this idea for later use.

Here's a sneak peek at the Photo Booth we made! This post will be on the blog next week!

And whats a birthday party without a Pinata? Here's how to make it!

The birthday man was super surprised and loved the party. I'd call it a great success!

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  1. Awesome party, great food, everyone loved the theme!

    1. It was a super fun party! Thanks for stopping by InspectorJoe ;)