" All About the Details: Around the House [Easter Mantel]

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Around the House [Easter Mantel]

Easter MantelIt seems so strange having Easter decor up already but I'm embracing it. The colors are so bright and cheery how can anyone not love it? My Easter Mantel has a lot going on but I plan to keep most of it in tact after Easter for my Spring Mantel...

Let me show you all about the details...

The fresh flowers give this mantel a sun shining feel; I just love tulips! They are relatively cheap too, even better.

Easter Mantel

The fence makes a tall statement. I have a large mantel so large pieces are necessary or else everything will look lost on it.

Easter Mantel

I love having pictures of my family on the mantel, they make me smile more than all those colors do. :)

Easter Mantel

All About the Details

Easter Mantel

A. Colorful plates I had in the house already with some fresh yellow & white tulips

B. Decor sized printable in a bright yellow frame.

C.  Carrot Bunting for Easter

D. Picket fence I made, just purchased unpainted fencing from Home Depot [$1.09 each] and spray painted it blue. The flowers here are not real :( but thats because I need this to last for at least two months.

E. Easter Subway Art

F. Twine Ombre Easter Eggs with a bright blue frame [spray painted to match the fence]

Happy Spring Time Everyone!


  1. I admire people like you, who have so many pretty little things to pull from the cupboards to decorate like this.

    1. Thank you, I buy things year round so I can buy them cheaper! :)