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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Write it Up Wednesday [Clearance Finds]

I find myself always browsing clearance sections in my favorite stores; Homegoods / Michaels / Hobby Lobby. Sometimes you find some seriously good stuff, ready to go... and then sometimes you find items like this.

So freaking cute, completely scratched and in horrible condition.

BUT.. it was only $5.00

Most people skip on items like this, which is why I found it in the clearance section.

When shopping the clearance section look for items with the right shape and size. If things are scratched/dented/chipped with a small amount of work you can make it look brand new and save lots of money.

So I purchased this awesome figure and decided to give it a much needed make over.

Here are some more pictures of the damage.

looks like it went through the wringer on the shelf

So I invested in some wet/dry sand paper and a can of spray paint [I LOVE spray paint]. So it was about 7 bucks more for those two items. Bringing my total to $12... and I found under all of the clearance stickers the original price was $30!!!

Time for a quick sanding job... I made sure to sand down all of the scratches until they blended with the rest of the heart.

Then I took this project outside for some quality spray painting time... I took pictures but they didn't really turn out that great. Plus its not that interesting to see paint dry... haha

And the final product....

Looks so much better!!! YAY.. time to go on the mantel...

The next time you are shopping the clearance section see what you can bring home and give a make over to.

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