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Monday, January 21, 2013

Make it Monday [Apple & Sweet Potato Puree]

 I've recently posted two reviews on products I use because I'm a mom. So today's Make it Monday Recipe is going to be for "baby" food.

The twins are well beyond baby food but from time to time I find it quick and easy to hand them Little Green Pouches that I've filled with veggies and/or fruits. It certainly helps me keep my hands free and the kids busy....

The most commonly made flavor is...

Apple & Sweet Potato Puree

Yields about 16oz (depending on size of apples/sweet potatoes)

3 Apples (I like gala or fuji)
3 small Sweet Potatoes (I think these are technically yams but they taste better)
Water As needed to reach consistency
1/2 tsp Cinnamon (optional)
1/2 tsp Ginger (optional)

First you'll need to peel and remove the core from your apples. Then peel your sweet potatoes. No need to chop them up just place them in a pot with a steam tray.

Steam apples and sweet potatoes

Steam apples and sweet potatoes for about 20 mins. You should be able to put a fork through them.

Once steamed move them to your Baby Bullet [or blender]

Use either Baby Bullet or Blender

Pulse to puree adding water as needed until you have a smooth and creamy texture.
looks better than jarred foods!

At this time I'd add my spices to help with the flavor. Another add in you can do which I highly recommend is Pumpkin! I have been buying canned pumpkin for months now and whenever I make pancakes I have about a half a can left over so I throw that into the kids puree. They LOVE it... Just like their mama.

From here you'd either spoon feed it Or fill up some little green pouches. 

My tip on filling up these pouches: Use a large zip lock baggie with a corner cut off [like a piping bag in cake decorating] and squeeze puree in to them. Much faster and less messy than using a spoon to fill these guys up.


Yum yum mama


[Note: if you are giving this mixture to an infant please consult with your pediatrician about introducing solids to your baby and make sure to discuss any allergies risks]

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