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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Tuesday [Valentine's Day Tree]

little heart sun catchers!
I've been seeing all kinds of Valentine's Day Crafts popping up on blogs, link parties and of course pinterest.  It has inspired me to starting thinking about my Valentine's Mantel... and since this is my first year with a mantel I've got some creating/crafting to do.

pinned this super cute idea from Good Old Martha and knew I just had to do something like this.

So I came up with this

These little sun catching hearts will be incorporated in my mantel somehow... but for now I'll just show you how I made them.

First gather your items
Wax paper, crayons, iron, **knife**, String & Tape [not pictured]

***I dont recommend using a knife but I didn't have a pencil sharpener***

I picked colors that I thought were romantic

reds, pinks and purple

Next you'll need to create shavings (pencil sharpener would work GREAT), try to create small thin shavings

colorful huh?

Then you'll need to get your wax paper ready, either do one (long) sheet folded in half or two sheets about the same size. I did both ways and they both worked about equally.

Heat your iron.

place a thin layer of shavings between your sheets of wax paper and apply the iron in quick wiping motions. You'll see the crayons melt and turn to liquid and spread along the wax fast. I say to do this quick because you don't want to burn the wax paper or ruin your iron.

after one quick wipe the crayons are melting

After you work the iron on the wax paper for a few minutes you'll see your sheets look kind of like this

not too thick with melted crayon
Then you'll either trace heart shapes or (the quick way) fold the wax paper in half and just cut the heart out.

I think tracing would look better but my twins were napping and I went with the fastest way possible, naps only last for so long.

Cut out hearts in different sizes

Next I attached baby pink yarn with tape (again fast and what I had on hand) to make them into "ornaments"

ornament hearts

Then I hung them on my branches (for now) and put them in the sun. So cute huh? I love the way they catch the sunlight!!!

Can't wait to use these guys in my next mantel!

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  1. I love this! I wanna try doing it for my bamboo tree.

  2. That would be cute! Post pictures if you do :)