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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Tuesday [Valentine's Day Quick Crafts]

I've seen some really great ideas on Pinterest and I knew I just had to recreate a couple.

The best thing about these two crafts? They require very little materials to make.

I personally only needed to buy wooden hearts and sweethearts candy.

The first one I'll share with you is the Candy Heart Tree. I saw this PIN but it doesn't really go directly to the right post (one of my pet peeves)  but click here to see her tree.

Anyway, I saw a small cone in my craft box [I had leftover from all of my Christmas Trees] and I knew I had to whip this one up.

Honestly this is SUPER easy.

Glue Gun
Any size foam cone (I'd recommend white, but like I said this is what I had)
Sweethearts Candy (I used just under 4 boxes for a 5" cone)

Glue a small line going horizontal, add hearts. I tried to only put enough glue for 3 hearts at a time. I also made sure to start my hearts in the same spot and made that the back of the cone. The hearts will not go evenly across but if you have one bad side its not a huge deal.

Thats it. Super easy. And it smells great. :)
The Materials
Once you get to the top you can either stop or keep going without a foam behind it. I did two more rows after the cone was gone, I just piled on the hot glue and stuck the hearts together.


Next I saw this pin [they are selling them this year too, check them out]

I was out at Michaels and I stumbled across these super cute hearts.

less than $4 for all of these
I remembered the pin and knew I had paint at home so I couldn't resist a cheap and easy craft.

Paint: Green, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow and White
[I made the purple from blue & red then lightened them all up with white]
Paint Brush
Solo cups [for mixing colors]
Wooden Hearts
The Materials


I was going for the Candy Hearts colors so I wanted everything to be pastel, so I mixed all of my colors to the right shade. Then I painted 2 coats on each heart.

While they were drying I went through some fonts on my computer to find the one I wanted to use for our names. I chose a mac standard font but you can use whatever you like.

Print them out according to the size heart you purchased.
Before tracing tape the print out
Tape the paper (after trimming) to the heart and then take a ball point pen and trace each letter pressing down hard.  After all  of the letters are traced remove paper and you'll be able to see your letters in the paint like this:

Next either paint [if you are brave] between the lines OR use a paint pen to color in the letters.

all done
The original plan for these was to be placed on my wall like the pin I saw but after getting this far I thought they'd look better on my mantel without ribbons just like giant conversation hearts..... Can't wait to show it to you!

There you have it two, super easy crafts.

Have fun with these and show me how yours turn out!

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  1. Lovely! Wish I had some materials laying right this minute to make! :) sharing

  2. So creative! Thanks for sharing! :)