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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Around the House [Command Center]

At first we had some pictures here but I've seen grown tired of them. I just didn't think it filled the wall enough, plus my husband and I both make plans for our family... which leads to double booking. So I've been thinking we need a central Command Center to organize the family plans and keep everything together.

Boring wall between our living room and kitchen

In our old place we had this

target find, I believe 

The cork board in the middle was used but mostly to put things that we didn't really want to throw away.... not entirely useful. I think a calendar would be WAY more useful!

Time for a MAKEOVER!!!

All three parts are separate so I flipped over the cork board and started unscrewing the back..
easy to pop these out

I wasn't sure what I'd find under there but it was just this odd material...

Looks messy!

I have this Chalkboard Contact paper (I used it on my New Years Mantel). I just LOVE this stuff!!! I'm sure you'll see many more posts using it!

So I measured where to cut...

Super Easy

Cut it down to size and apply to the cork board. I didn't do anything to the cork board, I just covered it up.
rolling out the contact paper, pressing out bubbles as you go

After the cork board was covered I did a little test on some scrap chalkboard paper and found that once you "season" the chalkboard, chalk erases easier. Since this is going to be a calendar I knew I'd be erasing often so I made sure to season it.

Seasoning the "chalkboard"

Next Steps I didn't take pictures of but it was just measuring out the squares for the calendar.  I made 7 across and 5 down. I used a paint pen to make the calendar squares, then chalk pens to write in the dates and our plans so far....

Finished and Hung!

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