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Thursday, November 1, 2012

[Halloween Costumes]

Halloween was so much fun when I was a kid so naturally with the twins walking and talking (kind of) we're dressing them up this year! Last year they were a little to young to care and I think they still are but oh well, it will be fun for Joe and I.

I naturally want them to coordinate and most boy/girl costumes are couples... (mickey & minnie, donald & daisy, etc.... ) and it would be odd to dress them up that way... but then I remembered their baby shower... Thing 1, Thing 2! Perfect!

I went browsing online only to find this age is hard to buy costumes for.. so I'll just make them!!! (not entirely)

I can knit a little so after a few beanie (much too big..) attempts I came up with a simple pattern, on straight needles [I haven't learned how to use circular needles yet]


Cast on 35 stitches (Ends up about 16")
*Knit a row then
Purl a row*

Repeat until the beanie is about 4.5" (toddler beanie)

[Row 1] k4, k2tog*repeat
[Rows: 2, 4, 6 & 8 Purl]
[Row 3] k3, k2tog*repeat
[Row 5] k2, k2tog* repeat
[Row 7] k1, k2tog*repeat

Then I sewed the ends together to make a beanie!

I then ordered some plain Red Fleece PJs from here

They just needed a Thing One Thing Two sign.... so I bought some felt and used a black paint pen and made the signs....

Here's the pjs with these signs!

Finished Costumes!

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