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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Write It Up Wednesday: [Nursery Tips]

As a mother of multiples I've learned a few things rather quickly... Especially these days; two (almost) toddlers running around, climbing and getting into everything. So there are many times where I see nursery photos online (ok mostly pinterest) and I laugh...Back when I was pregnant I spent many (too many) hours stressing out about the twins nursery. 

I'd like to share some of my Nursery Tips for any [first time] moms. All of these opinions are mine, I'm no expert... I'm just a mom :)


I was one of those moms that just HAD TO HAVE the complete crib bedding set in a bag... Don't get me wrong. We had their cribs all pretty. We even made wall art to match, which I love and recommending doing! So much cheaper than buying them, learn how to here [Nursery Wall Art].

Audree's Bedding

Aidan's Bedding

Do you know what we used the most out of these bedding sets? The crib skirt & the sheet. I did use their comforters for tummy time but that was because we didn't use them for anything else! The bumpers? Those were used until I freaked out when a twin (don't remember which one) was close to being face into a bumper that wasn't breathable!

My advice? Buy a few crib sheets with the colors you want to use in the nursery and a coordinating crib skirt that you like. You'll only need one crib skirt but you'll need 2-4 different sheets, you know "just in case".

Great in theory
This is one of those set ups that I love in theory, but would never work in reality. First off the lovely canopy above the crib... totally useful until your little one can wiggle/crawl/pull up. First thing they'll go for is that dangling piece of fabric. This is one of those thing I'd say wait until they know better.

Next... that changing table/dresser... we have one of those. Our is all the way up against the wall, not out from the wall! Your child can (and will) wiggle as much as possible on the changing table. Its too dangerous to have the possibility of them falling two different directions.

As for the rest of the decor in the room, do as much or as little as you like [or afford] but remember to keep things away from their reach. Kids spend a lot of time in their cribs and sometimes they aren't always sleeping and they will try to entertain themselves other ways!

Crib Placement: 

Tried this once...
So here we have more items hanging close to the crib... Same reasoning here, they will try to pull these off..

With two babies you have two cribs, which can (and do) take up a bunch of room in the nursery so its natural to try to save space. Putting them together? Bad Idea! For the first few months its not going to be an issue. Once they can pull up on the crib they will start to attack each other; poking, biting, scratching one another. Which leads to more playing/accidental hurting and less sleeping. We actually tried this set up for a few days and it just doesn't work... Trust Me!

This is all I can think of for now. I'll keep updating as I see more pictures that just wouldn't work... If you have any tips please share!

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