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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The aftermath of birthdays....

 So I've got a fun new project... well a few actually.

I'm doing another 1st Birthday party this weekend, the twins BFF Keira! I'll post party pics next week, promise.

As for new projects heres my To Do List:

1. Clay Feet Prints... this is going to be fun I'm going to be making a tutorial for fun

2. Saving their birthday cards, I've seen a few Ideas on Pinterest.... can't wait to come up with something fun for them to look at when they are older

3. Finish their baby books! :( Does this mean they aren't babies? Boo!

I'm trying to finish the feet today, I'll post this as soon as its done.

Here's a fun contest I found:

Bento Lunch Giveaway

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