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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Card Keepsake Book

With the twins 1st Birthday being such a big bash they got tons of special birthday cards from loved ones, a couple from across the globe. I wanted to keep them so they can read them later. I also saw this pin on pinterest....

Here is a fun and crafty way to keep birthday cards

Items I used

Craft Paper Cutter
Glue Dots
Metal Clasp Ring
Scrapbook Paper
Leftover Gift Box
Birthday Cards
**Hole Punch

**I was fooled by this super cute heart shaped hole punch... Don't be. Cards are no joke to punch through some of these cards were super thick and my hand still has not forgiven me for this project. Please don't make my mistake, use a heavy duty hole punch.**

At first I wanted to make two separate card keepsakes but some of the cards are to the both of them and theres really no fair way to split those so I just made one keepsake book.

First Organize the Cards by Size:

I went largest to smallest

Next take your largest card and use this to measure your front and back covers, this is what you need your gift box for.

I allowed for extra space around the card, it was about 1/4" or so....

Using the craft cutter cut out two pieces of the same size.

Using your covers as a guide trace onto your scrapbook paper and cut out paper to cover the gift box. I did Happy Birthday paper for the front and back. For the inside of the covers I used red and pink.

This is what it looks like after the gift box has been covered. I used glue dots to get the paper to stick to the gift box. About 4 per side.

Next I put the cards and the covers onto the metal ring like a book.

I wanted to wrap the middle with a ribbon to keep the book closed most of the time and since I've got boy/girl twins I used blue and pink ribbon.

Measure how long you'll need the ribbon to be to go around the book and tie a bow or whatever ribbon design you'd like.

Since this is two different ribbons I needed to make them "one", using glue dots I put my pink ribbon in the middle of the blue and pressed them together.

Then I wrapped my book and tied a bow. And the keepsake book is done!

Now I just need to add a title to the bottom... It was getting late and I wanted to go to bed so I didn't trust my fancy writing skills. :)

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