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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a little test craft..

So I've seen DIY photo canvases all over pinterest... I've got tons of ideas running through my head... but before I dive in to some major canvas work I found these small relatively cheap canvases at Michaels.

Test craft here we come!

Here's what I've got... a photo of my baby boy, A bottle of Mod Podge, (which I bought a while ago and have been DYING to use...) and my tiny photo canvas... foam brush not pictured.

Crafting on a Michaels ad just seems fitting huh? Anyway here's the photo after I cut it and slathered Mod Podge on my photo..... hmmm looks suspect to me. I'm waiting until it dries before I judge.

Close up of the fresh Mod Podge coat...

Here is the canvas after it dried.

Well results are good, it worked. But I did learn a few things... I think I'll trim the photo better next time and maybe even shorter than the canvas so I can paint around it... like I found here.

Stay tuned.. I'll show the completely finished project soon.

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